SIGNAL Magazine Update: Distinguished Young AFCEANs Honored

In December, the chapter recognized its outstanding Young AFCEAN members. Chi-Lai Poon has been an active Young AFCEAN since joining the chapter in 2009. She has demonstrated a willingness and enthusiasm to take on some of the chapter's toughest challenges and has established herself as a leader within the organization. Poon is bright, creative and tenacious when it comes to promoting the AFCEA mission and vision within the industry and community. She currently serves as part of the Leadership Committee as the vice chair of special activities for the chapter's Young AFCEANs. Kelly Edington is building the profile for a successful, active volunteer within AFCEA. Since becoming an active member in 2008, she has made an impact on every facet of the chapter. Edington is committed to making a difference with everything she does for the organization and has built a reputation for being one of the most tenacious and reliable volunteers the chapter has ever seen. She has become an effective ambassador for the chapter and continues to develop into one of the chapter's future leadership team. Jessica Gressett has been an active chapter volunteer since 2008. During that time, she has held a number of key roles and has established herself as a valued contributor and a future leader in the organization. Gressett is currently serving as the vice president of the chapter's Young AFCEANs, providing critical leadership and coordination to more than 500 Young AFCEAN volunteers in support of more than 25 events throughout the year.

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